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Quality Policy

Rulosan; aiming to offer the best quality products and services at the lowest possible cost in accordance with the quality system and standards that meet customer expectations in a timely and complete manner;

To improve the quality management system effectiveness of our organization continuously and to decrease the cost by providing the continuity of compliance with the conditions and to increase customer satisfaction;

To respond quickly to requests, timely identifying changing requests based on the needs and expectations of the interested party (Internal / External ) and customer satisfaction;

In order to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level, food safety standards and regulations, customer requirements, cleaning and hygiene rules in the production of food contact materials, drug contact materials to ensure consistency;

To spread awareness of environment, quality and food safety to all our personnel within our organization and to increase knowledge and skills through trainings, to adopt the spirit of teamwork and thus to contribute to the continuous development activities of our organization;

We commit ourselves to follow the national and international standards, to maintain the conformity of the quality requirements, to ensure continuity of the customer and staff in accordance with the stated principles, to set our Quality Targets, to constantly keep our targets and to spread this policy among all our employees and designate these principles as quality and food safety policy.